[ sel-uh-bit, -beyt ]
/ ˈsɛl ə bɪt, -ˌbeɪt /


a person who abstains from sexual relations.
a person who remains unmarried, especially for religious reasons.


observing or pertaining to sexual abstention or a religious vow not to marry.
not married.

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Origin of celibate

1605–15; < Latin caelib- (stem of caelebs) unmarried + -ate1

Related formsnon·cel·i·bate, adjectiveun·cel·i·bate, adjective

Can be confusedcelebrate celibate cerebratecelibate chased chaste chest

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British Dictionary definitions for celibate


/ (ˈsɛlɪbɪt) /


a person who is unmarried, esp one who has taken a religious vow of chastity


unmarried, esp by vow
abstaining from sexual intercourse
Derived Formscelibacy, noun

Word Origin for celibate

C17: from Latin caelibātus, from caelebs unmarried, of obscure origin

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Word Origin and History for celibate



1610s, "state of celibacy" (especially as mandated to clergy in the Catholic church) from French célibat (16c.), from Latin caelibatus (see celibacy). This was the only sense until earl 19c. The adjective meaning "unmarried, sworn to remain single" is recorded from 1825. As a noun, one who is sworn to such a condition, from 1838.

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