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cell division

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noun Biology.
  1. the division of a cell in reproduction or growth.
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Origin of cell division

First recorded in 1880–85
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Historical Examples

  • This form of cell-division is known as simple or direct division.

    Being Well-Born

    Michael F. Guyer

  • In other words we have here a process of cell-union before we have the cell-division which follows.


    Gerald R. Leighton

  • It grows by cell-division, the cell dividing into four, eight, or sixteen parts on a quaternary scale.

    The Sea-beach at Ebb-tide

    Augusta Foote Arnold

  • It was, however, many years before the details of this “cell-division” were laid bare (see Cell-Division below).

  • It was, however, many years before the details of the growth and reproduction of the cells (cell-division) became well understood.

British Dictionary definitions for cell division

cell division

  1. cytology the division of a cell into two new cells during growth or reproductionSee amitosis, meiosis, mitosis
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cell division in Medicine

cell division

  1. The process by which a cell divides to form two daughter cells, each of which contains the same genetic material as the original cell and roughly half of its cytoplasm.
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cell division in Science

cell division

  1. The process by which a cell divides into two or more cells. Among prokaryotes, cell division occurs by simple fission. Among eukaryotes, the cell nucleus divides first, and then a new cell membrane is formed between the nuclei to form the new cell. Cell division is used as a means of reproduction in organisms that reproduce asexually, as by fission or spore formation, and sexually reproducing organisms form gametes through cell division. Cell division is also the source of tissue growth and repair in multicellular organisms. The two types of cell division in eukaryotic organisms are mitosis and meiosis.
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