[ sel-er ]
/ ˈsɛl ər /


a room, or set of rooms, for the storage of food, fuel, etc., wholly or partly underground and usually beneath a building.
an underground room or story.
Sports. the lowest position in a group ranked in order of games won: The team was in the cellar for most of the season.

verb (used with object)

to place or store in a cellar.

Origin of cellar

1175–1225; Middle English celer < Anglo-French < Latin cellārium storeroom, equivalent to cell(a) cell1 + -ārium -ary; later respelling to reflect Latin form; see -er2, -ar2


cel·lar·less, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for cellar

/ (ˈsɛlə) /


an underground room, rooms, or storey of a building, usually used for storageCompare basement
a place where wine is stored
a stock of bottled wines


(tr) to store in a cellar

Word Origin for cellar

C13: from Anglo-French, from Latin cellārium food store, from cella cella
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