[ sel-yuh-loid ]
/ ˈsɛl yəˌlɔɪd /


a tough, highly flammable substance consisting essentially of cellulose nitrate and camphor, used in the manufacture of motion-picture and x-ray film and other products.
motion-picture film.


Informal. of or involving motion pictures.

Origin of celluloid

former trademark; cellul(ose) + -oid
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British Dictionary definitions for celluloid

/ (ˈsɛljʊˌlɔɪd) /


a flammable thermoplastic material consisting of cellulose nitrate mixed with a plasticizer, usually camphor: used in sheets, rods, and tubes for making a wide range of articles
  1. a cellulose derivative used for coating film
  2. one of the transparent sheets on which the constituent drawings of an animated film are prepared
  3. a transparent sheet used as an overlay in artwork
  4. cinema film
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