[ sem-i-ter-ee ]
/ ˈsɛm ɪˌtɛr i /

noun, plural cem·e·ter·ies.

an area set apart for or containing graves, tombs, or funeral urns, especially one that is not a churchyard; burial ground; graveyard.

Origin of cemetery

1375–1425; late Middle English < Late Latin coemētērium < Greek koimētḗrion a sleeping place, equivalent to koimē- (variant stem of koimân to put to sleep) + -tērion suffix of locality
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British Dictionary definitions for cemetery

/ (ˈsɛmɪtrɪ) /

noun plural -teries

a place where the dead are buried, esp one not attached to a church

Word Origin for cemetery

C14: from Late Latin coemētērium, from Greek koimētērion room for sleeping, from koiman to put to sleep
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