center field


, Baseball.
  1. the area of the outfield beyond second base and between right field and left field.
  2. the position of the player covering this area.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of center field1

An Americanism dating back to 1855–60

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Example Sentences

Robles better be ready to catch a lot of balls in left center field, because Schwarber is not a great outfielder.

A camera opened on a shot of the pitcher sitting next to team president Andrew Friedman on a platform in center field at Dodger Stadium, with Bauer sitting in the center, his face blurred at times by the glare of the Southern California sun.

Plans have yet to be finalized, but the sportsbook will be open year-round and occupy the former “Center Field Social” space at the corner of N Street and Half Street SE, located just outside the center field gate.

The play is designed to drop the box safety and a cornerback back to defend the two deep halves of the field, which lets Ryan, who starts deep, step up and play center field.

President Woodrow Wilson was an avid baseball fan who had played center field and second base for the Fighting Wildcats at Davidson College as a freshman.

From Time

A further experiment to plant elm trees beyond center field was mercifully cut short.

Doug Glanville played center field for the Philadelphia Phillies, Chicago Cubs, and Texas Rangers from 1996 through 2004.

Away sailed the ball toward center field, some distance to the right of Shultz, who stretched his stout legs to get under it.

Stalking back to his position in deep center field, Nap said softly to himself, "I'm glad I did it if it pleases him."

He had no hope of an error; he could already see the play reported, "Flied out to center field."

In spite of these minor mishaps, Nap sauntered out to center field with a song on his lips.

Not another ball was batted to center field; not once, in the innings that followed, was Nap on base.





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