[sen-tuh-moh; Spanish then-tee-maw, sen-]

noun, plural cen·ti·mos [sen-tuh-mohz; Spanish then-tee-maws, sen-] /ˈsɛn təˌmoʊz; Spanish ˈθɛn tiˌmɔs, ˈsɛn-/.

the 100th part of the monetary units of various countries, as Costa Rica, Equatorial Guinea, Paraguay, and Venezuela.

Origin of centimo

1895–1900; < Spanish < French centime. See centime
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Examples from the Web for centimo

Historical Examples of centimo

  • There is no hurry—nor time nor aching vertebr with them count one centimo.

    Unexplored Spain

    Abel Chapman

  • Priest and peasant, the great lady and the gentleman who sells one a glass of water for a centimo, brush past each other.

    The Grey Lady

    Henry Seton Merriman

  • Many a centimo would find its way from her pocket to his, and he would think her more motherly than ever.

    Glories of Spain

    Charles W. Wood

  • Heaven be praised I have never been in actual want; and Juan knows that he has never in vain asked me to lend him a centimo.

    Glories of Spain

    Charles W. Wood

British Dictionary definitions for centimo


noun plural -mos

a monetary unit of Costa Rica, Paraguay, Peru, and Venezuela. It is worth one hundredth of their respective standard currency units
a former monetary unit of Andorra and Spain, worth one hundredth of a peseta

Word Origin for céntimo

from Spanish; see centime


noun plural -mos

a monetary unit of Sao Tomê e Principe, worth one hundredth of a dobra
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