[ sen-tuh-peed ]
/ ˈsɛn təˌpid /


any of numerous predaceous, chiefly nocturnal arthropods constituting the class Chilopoda, having an elongated, flattened body composed of from 15 to 173 segments, each with a pair of legs, the first pair being modified into poison fangs.

Origin of centipede

From the Latin word centipeda, dating back to 1595–1605. See centi-, -pede


cen·tip·e·dal [sen-tip-i-dl, sen-tuh-peed-l] /sɛnˈtɪp ɪ dl, ˌsɛn təˈpid l/, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for centipede

/ (ˈsɛntɪˌpiːd) /


any carnivorous arthropod of the genera Lithobius, Scutigera, etc, having a body of between 15 and 190 segments, each bearing one pair of legs: class ChilopodaSee also myriapod
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Science definitions for centipede

[ sĕntə-pēd′ ]

Any of various flattened, wormlike arthropods of the class Chilopoda, whose bodies are divided into many segments, each with one pair of legs. The front legs are modified into venomous pincers used to catch prey. Compare millipede.
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