[ sen-truh-lahyzd ]
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  1. controlled from one place:The individual police departments will transition to the centralized dispatch system beginning in October.After years of opting for top-down regulatory approaches, the new administration has decided to move toward a less centralized form of government oversight.

  2. existing in one place, or being the center point of a network: Each computer has a twisted-pair cable that runs to a centralized hub.The system allows users to record subscriber complaints in a single database, creating a centralized source of information to assist us in pinpointing systematic delivery problems.

  1. the simple past tense and past participle of centralize.

Origin of centralized

  • Also especially British, cen·tral·ised .

Other words from centralized

  • un·cen·tral·ized; especially British, un·cen·tral·ised, adjective

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How to use centralized in a sentence

  • In truth, Young desired both advantages, the vigour of a centralised government and the energy of an independent aristocracy.

  • Want cuts up all these great empires in their centralised governments.'

  • The most highly centralised of all our English offices is the War Office.

  • Moreover, in a highly centralised country, the minister does everything in his own department.

  • These centralised at San Francisco and thence ramified and spread north, east, and south, to every quarter of the State.

    The Octopus | Frank Norris