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[ sen-truh-luh-zey-shuhn ]


  1. the act or fact of centralizing; fact of being centralized.
  2. the concentration of administrative power in a central government, authority, etc.
  3. Chiefly Sociology.
    1. a process whereby social groups and institutions become increasingly dependent on a central group or institution.
    2. concentration of control or power in a few individuals.

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Other Words From

  • anti·central·i·zation adjective noun
  • over·central·i·zation noun
  • procen·tral·i·zation adjective
  • recen·tral·i·zation noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of centralization1

First recorded in 1795–1805; centralize + -ation

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Example Sentences

Thanks to signature centralization and automation tools, it is possible to distribute targeted signatures to all employees in one click.

The publisher’s pivot to centralization — albeit one laced with local leanings — is in full swing.

From Digiday

So I suspect that we have somewhat hamstrung ourselves by having too much centralization.

From Vox

It would mean a reorganization of the entire health care system in the US, where each of the 64 public health agencies operate as fiefdoms, and there is no centralization of information or power.

But Tocqueville in fact distinguished between two kinds of centralization: centralized administration and centralized government.

Grievances over the centralization of power downtown (with its latte-sipping elites, and so on) still runs strong.

I predicted then that this would be but the first step towards further centralization.

Centralization leaves information vulnerable: to fraud, to surveillance, to sale.

All of the apparatuses of centralization need to be subject to reconsideration.

It has too much the tinge of centralization of power in the Federal Government, and we have had enough of this already.

And above all things, this Statesman Prophet was the essence and personification of centralization and concord.

To this allegiance and fidelity of his to God and centralization it is possible to trace the devotion of Moslems to their Faith.

By recognising and guarding against the dogmatism of theorists and the dangers of centralization.

This centralization involved the removal of the local priests and a modification of ritual and legal observance.


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