[ sen-truhm ]
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noun,plural cen·trums, cen·tra [sen-truh]. /ˈsɛn trə/.
  1. a center.

  2. Anatomy, Zoology. the body of a vertebra.

  1. Mycology. collectively, all the structures enclosed within the ascocarp of a fungus.

Origin of centrum

From Latin, dating back to 1850–55; see origin at center

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How to use centrum in a sentence

  • Impotentia psychica ea est quae ex coercitatione inhibente cerebri in centrum genito-spinale exercitata devenit.

  • Its body, the pars perpendicularis (mesethmoid) shows no similarity with a vertebral centrum.

    Form and Function | E. S. (Edward Stuart) Russell
  • These fibre constitute by far the greater part of the white centrum oval of the hemisphere.

    Degeneracy | Eugene S. Talbot
  • A similar pair of processes arising from the ventral surface of the centrum form the ventral or haemal arch.

    The Vertebrate Skeleton | Sidney H. Reynolds
  • Each centrum is a short cylinder of cartilage surrounding an hourglass-shaped cavity occupied by the notochord.

    The Vertebrate Skeleton | Sidney H. Reynolds

British Dictionary definitions for centrum


/ (ˈsɛntrəm) /

nounplural -trums or -tra (-trə)
  1. the main part or body of a vertebra

Origin of centrum

C19: from Latin: centre

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