[see-fee-uh s, -fyoos]

noun, genitive Ce·phe·i [see-fee-ahy] /ˈsi fiˌaɪ/ for 1.

Astronomy. a northern circumpolar constellation between Cassiopeia and Draco.
Also Kepheus. Classical Mythology. an Ethiopian king, the husband of Cassiopeia and father of Andromeda.

Related formsCe·phe·id [see-fee-id] /ˈsi fi ɪd/, adjective
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Historical Examples of cepheus

  • There are a good many stars common to the Lesser Bear and to Cepheus.

  • And when they died, the ancients say, Athené took them up into the sky, with Cepheus and Cassiopoeia.

    The Heroes

    Charles Kingsley

  • Curious to say neither the Dragon nor Cepheus appears on the old Egyptian sphere.

  • Andromeda was the daughter of Cepheus, king of Ethiopia, and of Cassiope.

    The Lusiad

    Lus de Cames

  • Cepheus is there too, but he p. 41is smaller, and less easy to find.

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noun Latin genitive Cephei (ˈsiːfɪˌaɪ)

a faint constellation in the N hemisphere near Cassiopeia and the Pole StarSee also Cepheid variable

Word Origin for Cepheus

from Latin Cēpheus named after the mythical king




Greek myth a king of Ethiopia, father of Andromeda and husband of Cassiopeia
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[sēfyōōs′, -fē-əs]

A constellation in the Northern Hemisphere near Cassiopeia and Draco.
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