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  1. Pharmacology. an unctuous, often medicated, preparation for external application, consisting of lard or oil mixed with wax, rosin, or the like, especially one that has a firmer consistency than a typical ointment and does not melt when in contact with the skin.
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  1. Also cerated. Ornithology. having a cere.
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Origin of cerate

1375–1425; late Middle English < Latin cērātum, neuter of cērātus (past participle of cērāre to cover or smear with wax), equivalent to cēr(a) wax + -ātus -ate1; compare Greek kērōtḗn in same sense
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balm, salve, lotion, ointment, potion, paste, jelly, liniment, unguent, medicine, dressing, emollient, embrocation, lenitive, demulcent, cerate, medication, help, unction, remedy

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  1. a hard ointment or medicated paste consisting of lard or oil mixed with wax or resin
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Word Origin for cerate

C16: from Latin cērātum, from cēra wax
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