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[suh-rat-uh-duh s, ser-uh-toh-duh s]
noun, plural ce·rat·o·dus·es.
  1. a lungfish of either of two genera, Ceratodus or Neoceratodus, having hornlike ridges on the teeth.
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Compare barramunda.

Origin of ceratodus

1870–75; < New Latin, equivalent to cerat- cerat- + -odus < Greek odoús tooth
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Historical Examples

  • The living Ceratodus was only discovered in 1870, and was regarded as a marvel of "persistence."

    Illogical Geology

    George McCready Price

  • Their organization might, in some respect, be like the ceratodus and proloptems; but this is not certain.

    Was Man Created?

    Henry A. Mott

  • He ought rather to come out in the character of a ceratodus or a labyrinthodon.

    Falling in Love

    Grant Allen

  • In Ceratodus this is effected by an extension of the interauricular shelf into the ventricle.

  • The Australian mudfish (Ceratodus) is not known to hibernate or aestivate.

British Dictionary definitions for ceratodus


noun plural -duses
  1. any of various extinct lungfish constituting the genus Ceratodus, common in Cretaceous and Triassic timesCompare barramunda
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Word Origin

C19: New Latin, from cerato- + Greek odous tooth
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