[ sur-kuh s, ker- ]
/ ˈsɜr kəs, ˈkɛr- /

noun, plural cer·ci [sur-sahy, ker-kee] /ˈsɜr saɪ, ˈkɛr ki/.

one of a pair of appendages at the rear of the abdomen of certain insects and other arthropods, serving as tactile organs.

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Origin of cercus

1820–30; < New Latin < Greek kérkos tail

Related formscer·cal, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for cercal


/ (ˈsɜːkəl) /

adjective zoology

of or relating to a tail
of or relating to the cerci


/ (ˈsɜːkəs) /

noun plural -ci (-siː)

one of a pair of sensory appendages at the tip of the abdomen of some insects and other arthropods

Word Origin for cercus

C19: from New Latin, from Greek kerkos tail

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Medicine definitions for cercal


[ sûrkəs ]

n. pl. cer•ci (sûrsī, -kī)

A stiff hairlike structure.
Either of a pair of terminal, dorsolateral sensory appendages of certain insects, such as the female mosquito.

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