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  1. Bennett (Alfred), 1898–1971, U.S. book publisher, editor, and writer.

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“We believe they’re using this furlough to try to bully the unions,” Cerf said in an interview.

From Fortune

Beyond the interplanetary internet, Cerf, now in his 70s, also focuses on his day job as chief internet evangelist for Google.

By the time Cerf died, in 1971, he realized to his regret that synergy was a siren that had swallowed him whole.

But Cerf was speaking back in 2006, testifying to a U.S. Senate committee.

A second version of the False Claimant story is found in Le cerf au pied blanc.

The Cerf became separated from the squadron and returned to France.

Daim is the French for deer, and cerf for stag; elan is the true term, when one would speak of an elk.

Cerf, Du toucher des écrouelles par le roi de France, in Trav.

Our eyes had barely time to examine the Speedy, ere the dark hull of Le Cerf made its appearance.


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