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[ser-vahy-seez, sur-vuh-seez]
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  1. a plural of cervix.
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noun, plural cer·vix·es, cer·vi·ces [ser-vahy-seez, sur-vuh-seez] /sərˈvaɪ siz, ˈsɜr vəˌsiz/. Anatomy.
  1. the neck, especially the back part.
  2. any necklike part, especially the constricted lower end of the uterus.
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Origin of cervix

1375–1425; late Middle English < Latin cervīx neck, nape, uterine cervix
Related formscer·vi·cal [sur-vi-kuh l] /ˈsɜr vɪ kəl/, adjective
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noun plural cervixes or cervices (səˈvaɪsiːz)
  1. the technical name for neck
  2. any necklike part of an organ, esp the lower part of the uterus that extends into the vagina
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Word Origin

C18: from Latin
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Word Origin and History for cervices



early 15c., "ligament in the neck," from Latin cervix "the neck, nape of the neck," from PIE *kerw-o-, from root *ker- (see horn (n.)). Applied to various neck-like structures of the body, especially that of the uterus (by 1702), where it is shortened from medical Latin cervix uteri (17c.). Sometimes in medical writing 18c.-19c. cervix of the uterus to distinguish it from the neck sense.

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cervices in Medicine


n. pl. cer•vix•es
  1. The neck.
  2. collum
  3. A neck-shaped anatomical structure, such as the narrow outer end of the uterus.

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cervices in Culture


The narrow outer end of the uterus. A portion of the cervix extends into the vagina. (See reproductive systems.)

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