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or kick-off

[ kik-awf, -of ]


  1. Football. a place kick or a drop kick from the 40-yard line of the team kicking at the beginning of the first and third periods or after the team kicking has scored a touchdown or field goal.
  2. Soccer. a kick that puts a stationary ball into play from the center line of the field at the start of a quarter or after a goal has been scored.
  3. the initial stage of something; start; beginning:

    the campaign kickoff.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of kickoff1

First recorded in 1855–60; noun use of verb phrase kick off
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Example Sentences

Rookie Rodrigo Blankenship, who kicks field goals and extra points for the Colts, also handled kickoffs on Sunday.

It had a scheduled open date, then an unscheduled open date when Florida State canceled last week’s game a few hours before kickoff over covid concerns, which did not go over well with Swinney.

Sarah Fuller becomes the first woman to kick for a Power Five school with this kickoff.

The attention-starved Power Five conference is experimenting with early kickoffs this season to see if it can boost TV ratings and give Pac-12 teams a bigger share of the national spotlight.

This week, we talk to Laura about the challenges of doing rigorous reporting on a topic that a lot of people don’t take seriously and share the kickoff episode of her otherworldly new series.

Because the marketing of the screening included a rainbow flag and said it was to be the kickoff of “LGBT Awareness Month.”

May marks the true kickoff of primary season for the 2014 elections.

Joe Paterno, something of a god himself, saw none of it; he was minutes from the kickoff.

Tech giants including Mark Zuckerberg meet at the Mobile World Congress kickoff in Barcelona.

If there was any hope for an epic comeback, Percy Harvin quashed it by taking the second half kickoff to the house.





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