[ chah-chah ]


, plural cha-chas.
  1. a fast ballroom dance of Latin American origin, similar to the mambo, that follows a rhythmic pattern based upon a quick three-step movement.

verb (used without object)

, cha-chaed, cha-cha·ing.
  1. to dance the cha-cha.
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Word History and Origins

Origin of cha-cha1

First recorded in 1950–55; from Latin American Spanish (Cuban) cha-cha-cha, probably imitative of the musical accompaniment
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Example Sentences

Millennials delighted in watching their favorite Science Guy cha-cha-cha on DWTS.

On Monday night, Bristol cha cha-ed her way into a pretty good score from the judges.

Although not everyone can throw on a sequined jumpsuit and cha-cha their way back to financial security.

He goes into the clubs—the pole joints and the cha-cha places—with his crew of locals to seek out subjects for his pictures.

The syllables 'cha cha cha' are several times repeated when the bird is irritated.

The power of this man among the natives is well-known; it far exceeded that of Cha-cha, of whom I have already spoken.

A loud, trumpeting cha-cha-laca, repeated a number of times.

Cha-cha was exceedingly desirous that I should accept his hospitality.