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[chah-chuh-lah-kuh; Spanish chah-chah-lah-kah]
noun, plural cha·cha·la·cas [chah-chuh-lah-kuh z; Spanish chah-chah-lah-kahs] /ˌtʃɑ tʃəˈlɑ kəz; Spanish ˌtʃɑ tʃɑˈlɑ kɑs/.
  1. any of several slender guans of the genus Ortalis, of Central America, Mexico, and southern Texas, having loud, harsh cries.
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Origin of chachalaca

1850–55, Americanism; < Mexican Spanish < Nahuatl: to chatter, especially of birds; compare Nahuatl chachalacametl the chachalaca
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