Chacoan peccary

[ chah-koh-uhn pek-uh-ree ]
/ 藞t蕛蓱 ko蕣 蓹n 藞p蓻k 蓹 ri /
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noun, plural Cha路co路an pec路ca路ries, (especially collectively) Cha路co路an pec路ca路ry.
the largest of the peccary species (Catagonus wagneri), the only living member of the genus Catagonus, found in the hot, dry Gran Chaco region of South America, differing from other peccaries with its longer tail, snout, and ears: first identified by fossils in the 1930s and believed to be extinct, it was found in the 1970s to be living and is now listed as an endangered species owing to habitat loss and herd fragmentation.
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Also called tagua .

Origin of Chacoan peccary

First recorded in 1970鈥75; (Gran) Chaco + -an + peccary; species name Catagonus wagneri was coined in 1930 by Carlos Rusconi (1898鈥1969), Argentinian paleontologist, who discovered the fossils

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