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chain-link fence

  1. a mesh fence made of thick steel wire and having a diamond-shaped pattern.

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Example Sentences

The sites are on the highway side of a chain-link fence between the Beltway and Moses Morningstar Cemetery in Cabin John.

He certainly didn’t want to see reporters peering over his chain-link fence.

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I’m in the outside world, but surrounded by chain-link fences with barbed wire on top.

Out in the front yard, bordered by a chain-link fence, the family displayed a yard sign announcing that their eldest, Geraldo, had earned a citizenship award.

He jumped from the equivalent of the top of the chain-link fence.

A large green mesh chain link fence surrounds the 14-year-old theater.

Inside the chain link fence, the students had planted a small garden of tomatoes and healing herbs they were learning about.

It is stored in buildings in 40 nations—from Argentina to Vietnam—and often guarded with little more than a chain link fence.

Lying next to the entrance of the chain link fence that still surrounds Trinity Site are the rusty remains of Jumbo.





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