chain shot

  1. cannon shot consisting of two balls or half balls connected by a short chain, formerly used in naval artillery to destroy the masts and sails of enemy ships.

Origin of chain shot

First recorded in 1575–85

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How to use chain shot in a sentence

  • As the chain shot out, Dot slipped on the wet logs, and fell into the water.

  • Round-shot and chain-shot and langridge came showering thickly down upon them.

    True Blue | W.H.G. Kingston
  • The dogs flew like chain-shot through the air, and, with a tremendous splash disappeared from view in the river.

    Mount Music | E. Oe. Somerville and Martin Ross
  • Close by was a chain-shot, two nine-pound solid shot connected by a foot of heavy links.

  • Did they ever fire chain-shot, which would cut down trees and sweep away companies of men?

British Dictionary definitions for chain shot

chain shot

  1. cannon shot comprising two balls or half balls joined by a chain, much used formerly, esp in naval warfare to destroy rigging

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