chalcid fly

/ (ˈkælsɪd) /

  1. any tiny hymenopterous insect of the family Chalcididae and related families, whose larvae are parasites of other insects

Origin of chalcid

C19: from New Latin Chalcis type genus, from Greek khalkos copper, referring to its metallic sheen

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How to use chalcid in a sentence

  • "Lady-birds" and their larv, the larv of lace-winged flies and syrphus-flies, the small chalcid fly and spiders devour them.

    The Apple | Various
  • These are the families chalcid, Holaspid, and the more extensive one of Zonurid.

    Reptiles and Birds | Louis Figuier
  • The ears are distinct, whereas in the chalcid they are hidden under the skin.

    Reptiles and Birds | Louis Figuier
  • One is likely to get hundreds of these chalcid flies from a single caterpillar.

    Butterflies Worth Knowing | Clarence M. Weed
  • Parapsidal grooves: the grooves or furrows on each side of the chalcid scutellum, defining the parapsidae.