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  1. Ecclesiastical.
    1. a cup for the wine of the Eucharist or Mass.
    2. the wine contained in it.
  2. a drinking cup or goblet.
  3. a cuplike blossom.
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Origin of chalice

before 900; Middle English < Middle French < Latin calici- (stem of calix) cup; replacing Middle English caliz, calc, Old English calic < Latin calici-, as above
Related formschal·iced [chal-ist] /ˈtʃæl ɪst/, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for chaliced


  1. (of plants) having cup-shaped flowers
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  1. poetic a drinking cup; goblet
  2. Christianity a gold or silver cup containing the wine at Mass
  3. the calyx of a flower, esp a cup-shaped calyx
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Word Origin for chalice

C13: from Old French, from Latin calix cup; related to Greek kalux calyx
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Word Origin and History for chaliced



early 14c., from Anglo-French chalice, from Old French chalice, collateral form of calice (Modern French calice), from Latin calicem (nominative calix) "cup," cognate with Greek kylix "cup, drinking cup, cup of a flower," from PIE root *kal- "cup." Ousted Old English cognate cælic, an ecclesiastical borrowing of the Latin word, and earlier Middle English caliz, from Old North French.

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