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[ chaw-kee ]


, chalk·i·er, chalk·i·est.
  1. of or like chalk.
  2. of a chalklike consistency:

    chalky soil.

  3. without resonance, color, warmth, etc.:

    several high tones that were quite chalky.

  4. Photography. lacking in detail, due to extreme contrast:

    a chalky print.

  5. Sports Slang. relating to the competitor considered most likely to win by the oddsmakers:

    Sports betting is boring if all you make are chalky picks—put some money on a long shot and live a little!

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Other Words From

  • chalk·i·ness noun
  • non·chalk·y adjective
  • un·chalk·y adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of chalky1

First recorded in 1425–75; late Middle English chalki, chalky; chalk, -y 1
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Example Sentences

A chalky ring on the surrounding cliffs marked where the waterline once reached, like the residue on an empty bathtub.

These products have found huge popularity among women of color who are thrilled to have moisturizers that don’t leave them looking chalky or too shiny and protect them from the sun’s rays.

Traditional sidewalls make for powerful edging on cold and chalky alpine snow, since the ski has no caps.

If you tend to ski in low-tide conditions on chalky steeps, start with waist widths between 90 and 100 millimeters.

Start with a visit to Mono Lake, a body of water with a chemistry so complex that chalky, stalagmite-like towers of tufa rise from its bed.

And, thanks to Jimmy, Chalky (Michael Kenneth Williams) got revenge on the Klansmen who shot up his warehouse.

Chalky by all means is a businessman and he is in it for the money, the power, the prestige, and the status.

The Daily Beast: What lies ahead for Chalky White this season?

The Daily Beast: Does that scene define Chalky White as a character?

Do you see Chalky and Omar as being similar or different to one another?

The corporal, rather chalky-looking under his tan, stepped forward and laid a hand on MacRae's shoulder.

The outskirts of the town were coming in sight; grey houses bleakly climbing chalky heights.

Navvies, all white with that chalky whiteness of dried bones, were passing by, carrying their tools and wallets.

Observe ye not yon chalky precipice, to the right of the Norman bridge?

They abound on the chalky downs and in some sandy districts, but not in the clays.


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