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[ cheym-ber ]


  1. a room, usually private, in a house or apartment, especially a bedroom:

    She retired to her chamber.

  2. a room in a palace or official residence.
  3. the meeting hall of a legislative or other assembly.
  4. chambers, Law.
    1. a place where a judge hears matters not requiring action in open court.
    2. the private office of a judge.
    3. (in England) the quarters or rooms that lawyers use to consult with their clients, especially in the Inns of Court.
  5. a legislative, judicial, or other like body:

    the upper or the lower chamber of a legislature.

  6. an organization of individuals or companies for a specified purpose.
  7. the place where the moneys due a government are received and kept; a treasury or chamberlain's office.
  8. (in early New England) any bedroom above the ground floor, generally named for the ground-floor room beneath it.
  9. a compartment or enclosed space; cavity:

    a chamber of the heart.

  10. (in a canal or the like) the space between any two gates of a lock.
  11. a receptacle for one or more cartridges in a firearm, or for a shell in a gun or other cannon.
  12. (in a gun) the part of the barrel that receives the charge.


  1. of, relating to, or performing chamber music:

    chamber players.

verb (used with object)

  1. to put or enclose in, or as in, a chamber.
  2. to provide with a chamber.


/ ˈtʃeɪmbə /


  1. a meeting hall, esp one used for a legislative or judicial assembly
  2. a reception room or audience room in an official residence, palace, etc
  3. archaic.
    a room in a private house, esp a bedroom
    1. a legislative, deliberative, judicial, or administrative assembly
    2. any of the houses of a legislature
  4. an enclosed space; compartment; cavity

    the smallest chamber in the caves

  5. the space between two gates of the locks of a canal, dry dock, etc
  6. an enclosure for a cartridge in the cylinder of a revolver or for a shell in the breech of a cannon
  7. obsolete.
    a place where the money of a government, corporation, etc, was stored; treasury
  8. short for chamber pot
  9. the freezing room in an abattoir
  10. modifier of, relating to, or suitable for chamber music

    a chamber concert


  1. tr to put in or provide with a chamber

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Other Words From

  • under·chamber noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of chamber1

1175–1225; Middle English chambre < Old French < Latin camera, variant of camara vaulted room, vault < Greek kamára

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Word History and Origins

Origin of chamber1

C13: from Old French chambre, from Late Latin camera room, Latin: vault, from Greek kamara

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Example Sentences

A conviction would require the support of two-thirds of senators in the evenly divided chamber.

That created a vivid contrast between the emotion inside the Senate chamber and many senators’ legalistic explanations outside it.

Two Republicans joined all of the chamber’s Democrats in voting for the bill.

Steve King of Iowa made a series of offensive statements, Democrats who hold a narrow majority in the House chamber took matters into their own hands.

As Democrats settle into control of both chambers of Congress, signs of the party’s legislative priorities are starting to manifest.

This is the Mexico that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and most major U.S. corporations, are eager to call amigo.

As one walks from chamber to chamber, a number of things become abundantly clear.

Get a thrill, get off a lucky shot, take home a trophy, put it up in a secret chamber of our heart.

He thus appointed Strauss to the post of president of the Reich Chamber of Music in 1933.

Then she went into a secret chamber where no one was allowed to enter.

In passing to her own chamber she met the Emperor, and, in the agitation of her maternal fears, told him all that had passed.

The Princess was pale and thin; and, though dressed superbly, seemed fitter for her chamber.

By the last-mentioned staircase access is obtained by the general public to the Council Chamber.

Why, he ordered his chamber-maid to bring him some soap and warm water, that he might wash the sour krout off his hands.

It was still in the verge of possibility that his son might seek his father in that dismal chamber.


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