[ cham-fer ]
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  1. a cut that is made in wood or some other material, usually at a 45° angle to the adjacent principal faces.: Compare bevel.

verb (used with object)
  1. to make a chamfer on or in.

Origin of chamfer

1595–1605; back formation from chamfering (taken as chamfer + -ing1) <Middle French chamfrein, variant of chanfreint beveled edge, originally past participle of chanfraindre to bevel, equivalent to chant edge (<Latin canthus;see cant2) + fraindre to break <Latin frangere;see frangible

Other words from chamfer

  • cham·fer·er, noun
  • un·cham·fered, adjective Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2024

How to use chamfer in a sentence

  • The whole is on a vertically lined panel chamfered at the top, bottom and sides.

  • The end grain is usually protected by nailing on a strip of timber, chamfered on both edges.

    Woodwork Joints | William Fairham
  • She took him to a little chamfered doorway in the corner, which opened into a descending turret; and Somerset went down.

    A Laodicean | Thomas Hardy
  • They are formed entirely of stones chamfered and weathered to a flat pitch, and lapping slightly over each other.

  • The tops and bottoms of the posts should have their edges slightly chamfered to prevent their slivering.

    Mission Furniture | H. H. Windsor

British Dictionary definitions for chamfer


/ (ˈtʃæmfə) /

  1. a narrow flat surface at the corner of a beam, post, etc, esp one at an angle of 45°: Compare bevel (def. 1)

  1. to cut such a surface on (a beam, etc)

  2. another word for chase 2 (def. 4)

Origin of chamfer

C16: back formation from chamfering, from Old French chamfrein, from chant edge (see cant ²) + fraindre to break, from Latin frangere

Derived forms of chamfer

  • chamferer, noun

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