having compartmental chambers: a spiral chambered seashell.

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Origin of chambered

1350–1400; Middle English. See chamber, -ed3

Related formsun·cham·bered, adjective




a room, usually private, in a house or apartment, especially a bedroom: She retired to her chamber.
a room in a palace or official residence.
the meeting hall of a legislative or other assembly.
chambers, Law.
  1. a place where a judge hears matters not requiring action in open court.
  2. the private office of a judge.
  3. (in England) the quarters or rooms that lawyers use to consult with their clients, especially in the Inns of Court.
a legislative, judicial, or other like body: the upper or the lower chamber of a legislature.
an organization of individuals or companies for a specified purpose.
the place where the moneys due a government are received and kept; a treasury or chamberlain's office.
(in early New England) any bedroom above the ground floor, generally named for the ground-floor room beneath it.
a compartment or enclosed space; cavity: a chamber of the heart.
(in a canal or the like) the space between any two gates of a lock.
a receptacle for one or more cartridges in a firearm, or for a shell in a gun or other cannon.
(in a gun) the part of the barrel that receives the charge.


of, relating to, or performing chamber music: chamber players.

verb (used with object)

to put or enclose in, or as in, a chamber.
to provide with a chamber.

Origin of chamber

1175–1225; Middle English chambre < Old French < Latin camera, variant of camara vaulted room, vault < Greek kamára

Related formsun·der·cham·ber, noun Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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a meeting hall, esp one used for a legislative or judicial assembly
a reception room or audience room in an official residence, palace, etc
archaic, or poetic a room in a private house, esp a bedroom
  1. a legislative, deliberative, judicial, or administrative assembly
  2. any of the houses of a legislature
an enclosed space; compartment; cavitythe smallest chamber in the caves
the space between two gates of the locks of a canal, dry dock, etc
an enclosure for a cartridge in the cylinder of a revolver or for a shell in the breech of a cannon
obsolete a place where the money of a government, corporation, etc, was stored; treasury
short for chamber pot
NZ the freezing room in an abattoir
(modifier) of, relating to, or suitable for chamber musica chamber concert


(tr) to put in or provide with a chamber
See also chambers

Word Origin for chamber

C13: from Old French chambre, from Late Latin camera room, Latin: vault, from Greek kamara

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A compartment or enclosed space.

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