Chan Chan

[ chahn chahn ]


  1. the site of the ancient capital city of the Chimu people, near the modern city of Trujillo, Peru, characterized by large walled enclosures and houses made of unfired mud brick covered with frescoes in brilliant colors.

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Example Sentences

Discussions are being had from the flooding squares of Venice to the wind-battered ancient city of Chan Chan, Peru.

From Ozy

At one time when I was younger, he financed an archaeological expedition that explored the ruins of Chan Chan.

At last the Chimu armies, however, were forced back to the protection of the great walls of Chan Chan.

Finding they could not carry Chan Chan by storm, the Incas at length hit upon a device which had won them many a walled city.

Gradually the vast population penned within the walls of Chan Chan absorbed all the water in the reservoir.

Into the ruined temples and palaces of Chan Chan and of other cities of the Chimu kingdom, they delved.