[ chey-nee ]


  1. Lon [lon], 1883–1930, U.S. film actor.

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Chaney, 65, was a breast cancer survivor, a regular at the church and grandmother who loved bingo and going shopping, the Buffalo News reported.

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Ardi’s forearm structure was not that of a knuckle-walker, Chaney contends.

Based on her overall body design, Ardi walked upright, Chaney and colleagues argue.

Chaney works with Kent State’s Owen Lovejoy, one of the scientists who originally studied Ardi’s remains.

Moses can recall only one volunteer deciding to go home after Chaney, Goodman, and Schwerner disappeared.

Sarah Palin speaks up about some interesting online posts made by ousted agent David Chaney.

If convicted as charged, the doughy, bespectacled Chaney could get more than 120 years in prison.

Tsu said Chaney used an email program that forwarded any messages the celebrities received to his account.

According to federal authorities, Chaney began hacking the Google, Apple, and Yahoo email accounts of celebrities last November.

Sitting down again upon the bottom of the bateau, she sadly sought to revive her interest in the “Chaney House.”

There was nothing presumptuous in his aspiring to the hand of the prettiest girl on Chaney Creek.

At the head of the rocky hollow through which Chaney Creek ran to the river, lived the family who gave the brook its name.

Allen walked slowly up the hollow to the Chaney house, and gave the apples to Seraphita and told her their story.

Officer Baker, did this Officer Chaney say anything else about, for instance, where he thought the source of the shots was?