[ shahn-saw-net; English shan-suh-net ]
/ ʃɑ̃ sɔˈnɛt; English ˌʃæn səˈnɛt /

noun, plural chan·son·ettes [shahn-saw-net; English shan-suh-suh-nets] /ʃɑ̃ sɔˈnɛt; English ˌʃæn sə səˈnɛts/. French.

a little song; ditty.

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Examples from the Web for chansonette

  • They include a blithe "Chansonette" and a "Valse Impromptu," 440 which, unlike the usual impromptu, has the ex tempore spirit.

  • She laughed and now John knew that it was she whom he had heard singing the chansonette in that low murmuring tone.

    The Forest of Swords|Joseph A. Altsheler