[ chah-nee, Russian chyi-ni ]

  1. Lake, a salt lake in SW Siberia, in the W Russian Federation in Asia. About 1,300 sq. mi. (3,365 sq. km).

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How to use Chany in a sentence

  • No more business talent in Ruth Ellet, than there is in that Chany image of yours on the mantle-tree, Mis.

    Ruth Hall | Fanny Fern
  • "She ain't Chany, I tell yer; she's jest Injy rubber," said Flibbertigibbet scornfully but with a note of anxiety in her voice.

    Flamsted quarries | Mary E. Waller
  • So the shovel was run into the ashes, and Chany and the three little ones set to work to shell the corn.

    Plantation Sketches | Margaret Devereux
  • David sipped his coffee from the flowered "Chany cup" contentedly.

    The Mountain Girl | Payne Erskine
  • And it not only extends to my wardrobe, to a 'yaller' and green dining-room, but it takes in the 'Chany' as well.

    The Harvester | Gene Stratton Porter