[ shap-uh-rey-ohs; Spanish chah-pah-rah-haws ]
/ ˌʃæp əˈreɪ oʊs; Spanish ˌtʃɑ pɑˈrɑ hɔs /

noun (used with a plural verb)

(in Mexico) chaps.

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Also cha·pa·re·jos [shap-uh-rey-ohs; Spanish chah-pah-re-haws] /ˌʃæp əˈreɪ oʊs; Spanish ˌtʃɑ pɑˈrɛ hɔs/.

Origin of chaparajos

1860–65, Americanism; < Mexican Spanish, variant of chaparejos, probably blend of chaparral chaparral and aparejos, plural of aparejo gear; akin to apparel Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

Examples from the Web for chaparajos

  • Men were marked by their saddles, their 255 chaparajos, their weapons.

    Louisiana Lou|William West Winter
  • Into the ring rode the four slim, young top riders of the ranch force, chaparajos and sombreros being much in evidence.

    Penny of Top Hill Trail|Belle Kanaris Maniates