[shap-uh-rey-ohs; Spanish chah-pah-rah-haws]
Also cha·pa·re·jos [shap-uh-rey-ohs; Spanish chah-pah-re-haws] /ˌʃæp əˈreɪ oʊs; Spanish ˌtʃɑ pɑˈrɛ hɔs/.

Origin of chaparajos

1860–65, Americanism; < Mexican Spanish, variant of chaparejos, probably blend of chaparral chaparral and aparejos, plural of aparejo gear; akin to apparel


[chaps, shaps]
noun (used with a plural verb)
  1. a pair of joined leather leggings, often widely flared, worn over trousers, especially by cowboys, as protection against burs, rope burns, etc., while on horseback.

Origin of chaps

1810–20, Americanism; short for chaparajos
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Historical Examples of chaparejos

  • The ragged one thrust his hands in the pockets of his chaparejos.

    The Magnetic North

    Elizabeth Robins (C. E. Raimond)

  • Apropos of protecting your legs, there remains still the question of chaparejos or chaps.

    Camp and Trail

    Stewart Edward White

  • She unbuttoned the flap on a pocket of her chaparejos, and handed him a small parcel wrapped in sky-blue paper.

    The Heritage of the Hills

    Arthur P. Hankins

  • Old Man Selden balanced his glass on one peaked knee while he reached into a pocket of his chaparejos for a plug of tobacco.

    The Heritage of the Hills

    Arthur P. Hankins

  • Why, a tide that washes up to a wayfarer's feet a pair o' chaparejos like that—well!

    The Magnetic North

    Elizabeth Robins (C. E. Raimond)

British Dictionary definitions for chaparejos


chaparajos (ˌʃæpəˈreɪəʊs, Spanish tʃapaˈraxos)

pl n
  1. another name for chaps

Word Origin for chaparejos

from Mexican Spanish


pl n
  1. leather overalls without a seat, worn by cowboysAlso called: chaparejos, chaparajos

Word Origin for chaps

C19: shortened from chaparejos
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Word Origin and History for chaparejos



"jaws, cheeks," from chap (n.), 1550s, of unknown origin. Hence, chap-fallen (1590s).



1844, American English, short for chaparejos, from Mexican Spanish chaparreras, overalls worn to protect from chaparro (see chaparral).

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