[ sha-poh; French sha-poh ]
/ ʃæˈpoʊ; French ʃaˈpoʊ /

noun, plural cha·peaux [sha-pohz; French sha-poh] /ʃæˈpoʊz; French ʃaˈpoʊ/, cha·peaus.

a hat.
  1. a representation of a low-crowned hat with a turned-up brim, usually of a different tincture, used either as a charge or as part of a crest.
  2. a cap depicted within a representation of a crown or coronet.

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Origin of chapeau

1515–25; < French; Old French chapel wreath, hat < Late Latin cappellus hood, hat, equivalent to capp(a) (see cap1) + -ellus diminutive suffix Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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/ (ˈʃæpəʊ, French ʃapo) /

noun plural -peaux (-pəʊ, -pəʊz, French -po) or -peaus

a hat

Word Origin for chapeau

C16: from French, from Late Latin cappellus hood, from cappa cap

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1520s, from Middle French chapeau (Old French capel, 12c.) "hat," from Vulgar Latin *cappellus, from Late Latin capellum (also source of Italian cappello, Spanish capelo, Portuguese chapeo), diminutive of cappa (see cap (n.)).

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