character actor


  1. an actor who specializes in playing odd or eccentric characters

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Example Sentences

When he added that, I thought, “This guy is a character actor hidden in this gorgeous body.”

The outspoken Oscar-nominated character actor plays a washed-up music manager in the lovely musical Begin Again.

CAPOTE (2005) This is the role that propelled Hoffman from ace character actor to leading man.

As the fiery despot, the fine character actor Simmons has never been given a role this juicy, and knocks it out of the park.

Eddie Marsan, a British character actor, is superb as a sweet, nervous friend.

The manager, Mr. John A. Ellsler, was an excellent character-actor as well as a first old man.

I will engage you as ballet master and character actor and offer you a hundred soldi a month.

Not the best character actor unhung could have simulated the owlish ignorance in Cashs face.

Mr. DeVere was a clever character actor, and had created a number of parts that had won favor.

"You missed your vocation as a character actor," was his parting shot at McCausland.





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