character set


, Computers.
  1. the numbers, letters, punctuation marks, and special symbols that can be used by a particular device, as a printer, or in a coding method, as ASCII.

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Example Sentences

It can be quite worthwhile if you’re using limited amounts of a given font, or a font that has a particularly large character set included.

Many web fonts and font families load their entire character sets and stylesheets when called, even if your page doesn’t utilize 90% of that content.

A character set out from England to try his fortune in Canada.

But he never tried to live up to the high standard of character set by these heroes of the older days.

To enable the display of these characters the UTF-8 character set must be used by the reader.

Transcriber's Notes: This version of this manual uses the unicode character set.

The individual may have been in perfect health, and suddenly symptoms of the gravest character set in.


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