character study


  1. a work of fiction in which the delineation of the central character's personality is more important than the plot.

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Example Sentences

Kristen Stewart may very well win an Oscar for her gripping turn as the late Princess Diana in this nuanced character study.

I hope in her next book, Rooney returns to these deeper character studies.

From Time

As a character study, this episode shows off what season six does best.

From Vox

Suddenly, instead of making the verite film we originally had in mind, we knew that this was going to be a character study.

Gloria has at her disposal the whole range of human emotions, and this is how character-study ought to be done.

Blood, guts, and gore are aplenty, but at its core is a very engaging character study of a small group of survivors.

But where the former was a sprawling melodrama, Chéri is a smallish character study.

All of this real-life character study has made Froelich nothing short of an expert.

They were fine, merry-faced girls, and here again Denham found a keen bit of character study.

As regards Marion, he had, not without considerable self-contempt, surrendered himself to the demon of character study.

We ate tempted to say that 'Blind Alley' is the greatest character study of the influence of the war we have read.

Percival Channing, with his carefully developed flair for character study, guessed them from the first.

A love story and character study of three strong men and two fascinating women.


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