[ chahrlz; for 2 also French sharl ]
/ tʃɑrlz; for 2 also French ʃarl /
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Prince of Edinburgh and of Wales, born 1948, heir apparent to the throne of Great Britain (son of Elizabeth II).
Jacques A·le·xan·dre Cé·sar [ah-lek-sahn-druhsey-zahr], /ɑ lɛk sɑ̃ drəseɪˈzɑr/, 1746–1823, French physicist and inventor.
Ray Ray Charles Robinson, 1930–2004, U.S. blues singer and pianist.
Cape, a cape in E Virginia, N of the entrance to the Chesapeake Bay.
a river in E Massachusetts, flowing between Boston and Cambridge into the Atlantic. 47 miles (75 km) long.
a male given name: from a Germanic word meaning “man.”
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British Dictionary definitions for Charles

/ (tʃɑːlz) /

Prince of Wales. born 1948, son of Elizabeth II; heir apparent to the throne of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. He married (1981) Lady Diana Spencer; they separated in 1992 and were divorced in 1996; their son, Prince William of Wales, was born in 1982 and their second son, Prince Henry, in 1984; married (2005) Camilla Parker Bowles
Ray real name Ray Charles Robinson. 1930–2004, US singer, pianist, and songwriter, whose work spans jazz, blues, gospel, pop, and country music
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Scientific definitions for Charles

[ chärlz ]
Jacques Alexandre César 1746-1823

French physicist and inventor who formulated Charles's law in 1787. In 1783 he became the first person to use hydrogen in balloons for flight.
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