Charles III

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Charles Philip Arthur George Mountbatten-Windsor, born 1948, king of the United Kingdom since 2022 (son of Elizabeth II).
"Charles the Simple", a.d. 879–929, king of France 898–923.
1716–1788, king of Spain 1759–88; as Charles IV, king of Naples 1734–59.
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How to use Charles III in a sentence

  • Charles III was a man of very simple tastes, an enemy of the theatre and of music, but passionately devoted to hunting.

    A History of Spain|Charles E. Chapman
  • Charles III favored the project, and it was at once undertaken.

    A History of Spain|Charles E. Chapman

British Dictionary definitions for Charles III

Charles III

known as Charles the Fat . 839–888 ad, Holy Roman Emperor (881–887) and, as Charles II, king of France (884–887). He briefly reunited the empire of Charlemagne
1716–88, king of Spain (1759–88), who curbed the power of the Church and tried to modernize his country
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