[ chahrlz-toun ]


  1. a former city in E Massachusetts: since 1874 a part of Boston; navy yard; battle of Bunker Hill June 17, 1775.

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Example Sentences

This is the first study to boost placebo and blunt pain-inducing nocebo effects by altering brain activity, says Jian Kong, a pain researcher at Massachusetts General Hospital in Charlestown.

Families would move to Charlestown to be closer to the incarcerated, creating a cycle of crime.

I was present at the prison in Charlestown when the model of a bank-lock was taken from a young man whose term had nearly expired.

Charlestown was divided into two towns and the name of Richmond given to the portion north of Pawcatuck river.

I would have gladly offered prayer in Brown's room at Charlestown if an honorable opportunity had been afforded.

They were bitter enemies of the South and most intense admirers of the intrepid man executed at Charlestown.

They rallied near Charlestown, whose people were also warned by their constant native friend, Sagamore John.





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