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[ chahrmd ]


  1. marked by good fortune or privilege:

    a charmed life.

  2. Physics. (of a particle) having a nonzero value of charm.


/ tʃɑːmd /


  1. delighted or fascinated

    a charmed audience

  2. seemingly protected by a magic spell

    he bears a charmed life

  3. physics possessing charm

    a charmed quark

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Other Words From

  • un·charmed adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of charmed1

1250–1300; Middle English. See charm 1, -ed 2

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Example Sentences

Occasionally, a team just enjoys a charmed season even if the underlying numbers don’t suggest greatness.

Halfway through his second term, Johnson has enjoyed a charmed life.

I started noticing his voice on news shows and became very charmed by his style of activism.

There was instead the very best and LaChanze proved how right it is that her name means “the Charmed One” in Creole.

In certain ways—perfect-10 body, husband, and overall charmed life aside—she can be just like any other mother.

After all, plenty of folks would be amenable to, or perhaps even charmed by, the idea of an untraditional marriage.

On rounding a point a few minutes after, he was again arrested by a scene which, while it charmed, amazed him.

She gave him his cup of tea, with the same gesture that had charmed Nigel on the day when he first visited her.

It all charmed him inexpressibly, so that he realised—yes, in a sense—the degradation of his twenty years' absorption in business.

On May 13, in a speech which charmed the House, Mr. Townshend opened his plan for settling the colonial question.

The old Madame was charmed with Edna's visit, and showered all manner of delicate attentions upon her.


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