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noun, plural char·tae [kahr-tee] /ˈkɑr ti/. Pharmacology.
  1. a strip of paper that is impregnated with a medicinal substance, for external application.
  2. Also called chartula, powder paper. a paper folded so as to form a packet for a powdered medicament.
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Origin of charta

before 1000; Old English, for earlier sense of “letter, document” < Medieval Latin; < New Latin, Latin: sheet of paper, document < Greek chártēs papyrus leaf, sheet of paper, literally, something to make marks on; see character
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Historical Examples

  • Shake hands—ever since the charta forest; shake hands again.

    Cradock Nowell, Vol. 1 (of 3)

    Richard Doddridge Blackmore

  • Hence it was called charta bombycina or Damascena, or, from its silky texture, charta serica.

  • King John's barons were never better pleased with their Charta than I am with this letter.

  • Charta exploratoria, L. Under this head may be conveniently included all the varieties of prepared paper employed in testing.

  • In Damascus this manufacture was an important branch of industry, for which reason it was called Charta Damascena.