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/ ˈtʃɑːtəd /


  1. (of a professional person) having attained certain professional qualifications or standards and acquired membership of a particular professional body

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Example Sentences

The TVA, a federally owned and chartered electric power provider, is a New Deal legacy just like Social Security.

As for Snyderman and her three colleagues, whose names were also withheld, they will be flown home on a chartered aircraft.

So Sinatra simply chartered Dolly her own Learjet for the twenty-minute flight to Las Vegas.

For the long hauls and the concert tours, he still chartered the big 707s.

If Katz was using a chartered jet, “maybe that explains it,” Rendell said.

He chartered an outside car, t'other day, at Island Bridge Barrack, and drove to the post-office.

The notion was simply that of a chartered bank established upon a novel basis and financing upon an original principle.

To my surprise, they told me that our Embassy in Berlin had chartered a special train and they were to be off in the morning.

Mackinnon's association, whose object A chartered company formed.

The whole efforts of their members were concentrated on the vain endeavour to restrict trade to the chartered towns.





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