[ kaz-uhm ]
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  1. a yawning fissure or deep cleft in the earth's surface; gorge.

  2. a breach or wide fissure in a wall or other structure.

  1. a marked interruption of continuity; gap: a chasm in time.

  2. a sundering breach in relations, as a divergence of opinions, beliefs, etc., between persons or groups.

Origin of chasm

1590–1600; apocopated variant of chasma<Latin <Greek, equivalent to cha- (root of chaínein to gape; see yawn) + -(a)sma resultative suffix

Other words from chasm

  • chasmal, chasmic, adjective
  • chasmed, adjective
  • chasmy, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for chasm


/ (ˈkæzəm) /

  1. a deep cleft in the ground; abyss

  2. a break in continuity; gap

  1. a wide difference in interests, feelings, etc

Origin of chasm

C17: from Latin chasma, from Greek khasma; related to Greek khainein to gape

Derived forms of chasm

  • chasmal (ˈkæzməl) or chasmic, adjective

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