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[ chas-tahyzd, chas-tahyzd ]


  1. disciplined, especially by corporal punishment:

    The government official was forced to explain his position like a chastised schoolboy.

  2. severely criticized, especially publicly:

    Accused by the judge of influencing the jury with so many sad stories, the chastised lawyer hurried through the rest of his remarks.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of chastise ( def ).

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  • un·chas·tised adjective

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Example Sentences

Also, she chastises others for being "the worst gift-givers."

Houston confronted the host about constantly making her a hot topic, and chastised Williams once she asked about the singer’s alleged drug use and parental issues.

The statement came a few days after Musk publicly chastised the FAA for getting in the company’s way as it develops and tests the Starship prototype, the spacecraft SpaceX hopes to fly to the moon and Mars.

Everywhere I turn, teachers unions are being chastised as self-interested, lazy obstructers of reopening.

A few days later, Obama himself chastised his national-security “principals” at a cabinet meeting.

Some Republicans have even chastised their own party for being too free spending during the Bush years.

Democrats chastised me for going against the party, but the most vocal detractors were my biggest supporters.

I cannot remember all the details of my wedding day, but I will never forget being chastised for gaining weight in my 30s.

He chastised conservatives who had “lost heart” and “abandoned their principles” in the past, without specifying when or how.

Had you not been loved, you never would have been chastised—you would never have become an obedient and willing child.

Yet I do not think that anyone could complain if the more flagrant offenders were chastised.

Their incursions were frequently repelled and chastised, but their country was never subdued.

The people were so chastised by divers calamities, that the country was depopulated, and became like a wilderness.

By this means his brother was occasionally chastised in his place, while he escaped unpunished.


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