chattel slavery

[ chat-l sley-vuh-ree sleyv-ree ]

  1. the enslaving and owning of human beings and their offspring as property, able to be bought, sold, and forced to work without wages, as distinguished from other systems of forced, unpaid, or low-wage labor also considered to be slavery.

Origin of chattel slavery

First recorded in 1900–05

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How to use chattel slavery in a sentence

  • Military coercion prolonged chattel slavery, and by so doing brought what is known as the dark ages upon the world.

    Communism and Christianism | William Montgomery Brown
  • Ans.: chattel slavery, serfdom, or feudal slavery and wage slavery.

    Communism and Christianism | William Montgomery Brown
  • We are the modern abolitionists fighting against wage slavery as the other abolitionists fought against chattel slavery.

    The Everett massacre | Walker C. Smith
  • There can be a slavery more odious, more galling, than mere chattel slavery.

    Black and White | Timothy Thomas Fortune