or Chat·ter·jee

[ chah-ter-jee ]


  1. Ban·kim Chan·dra [buhng, -kim , chuhn, -dr, uh], 1838–94, Indian novelist in the Bengali language.

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Example Sentences

“As business gets more political that will be tested,” Chatterji said.

“The details of how people vote probably wouldn’t even have risen to the level of the C suite if it hadn’t been for the 2020 election and the claim that there was voter fraud,” Chatterji said.

Barring Shapiro from entering India was an effort at intimidating Chatterji.

Chatterji, an Indian citizen, was visiting India for work and to see her family.

On Monday morning, San Francisco-based academic couple Angana Chatterji and Richard Shapiro arrived at the New Delhi airport.

“Oah, he iss sleepee,” observed Lieutenant Bupendranath Chatterji.

I lodged the girl in the house of Sripati Chatterji, passing him off as her father.

The young man, who said his name was Pratap Chatterji, hailed a horse carriage.

Lieutenant Bupendranath Chatterji listened to this sort of thing with an owlish expression on his fat face.

“Murie has temperature of one hundred and five,” put in Lieutenant Bupendranath Chatterji.





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