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noun (used with a plural verb)
  1. medieval armor of mail for the legs and feet.
  2. tights worn by men in medieval times over the legs and feet.
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Origin of chausses

1350–1400; Middle English chauces < Middle French, plural of chauceLatin calceus shoe, equivalent to calc- (stem of calx) heel + -eus -eous
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Historical Examples

  • The surcoat and the chausses were essential features of the period.

    Chats on Military Curios

    Stanley C. Johnson

  • The gambeson appearing below the chausses, but covering the chaussons of mail, forming an extra protection to the knee.

    Armour in England

    J. Starkie Gardner

  • Hosen wiute vampez, stockings without feet; the chausses were usually footed.

  • In the first of these illustrations only the front of the leg is covered, and the chausses are laced at the back.

    Armour &amp; Weapons

    Charles John Ffoulkes

  • Father John of Gatesden boldly throws aside alb and chasuble to don the knightly hauberk and chausses in good earnest.

British Dictionary definitions for chausses


  1. (functioning as singular) a tight-fitting medieval garment covering the feet and legs, usually made of chain mail
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Word Origin

C15: from Old French chauces, plural of chauce leg-covering, from Medieval Latin calcea, from Latin calceus shoe, from calx heel
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